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Online Customer Relation Management is here...

Have you ever been embarrassed with an invoice not paid for lack of transparency? Or worse having a staff walk out to work directly for a client because your margin wasn't kept confidential? What about if you were able to keep the pulse of your business with timesheets updated every night no matter where your people are? How do you know what to charge for each job if you don't have a clue what your staff has been doing this week?

Who can benefit from internet time-billing invoicing?

Any business providing professional services where several staff are dispatched across several client jobs qualifies. A web solution is ideal to provide feedback to your customers if you are not inclined to mess around with computer networks and expensive software...

Turning timesheets into cash

Delays in processing timesheets are caused by a lack of communication. Clients also need to know today what was done this week or they will baulk when the invoice arrives.
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What can Log Book do for me?

  • Staff can fill their timesheets on-site, at home or at the office
  • Customers can monitor their jobs long before the invoice hits them
  • Graphic dashboard of all activities for a given week by client or by staff
  • Invoice both parts and labour
  • Allocate time spent on clients or cost centres

“from timesheets to time billing”

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